Requests for Standby or Public Education

Fire Truck / Ambulance Standby

If you are requesting a fire truck or ambulance for various functions (bonfires, athletic events, family days at businesses, etc.) at your facility, please call 618-692-7540 for more information.

Blood Pressure Checks

Paramedics provide blood pressure checks as a free service to the community. To have your blood pressure checked stop by any of our stations. When possible please call first to be sure the crews are not training or out on a call.

Car Seat Safety

Need help installing or evaluating the installation of your car seat? Edwardsville Fire Department (EFD) has certified Car Seat Safety Technicians on staff that would be happy to show you how to install your car seat.

It takes about 30 minutes while our car seat technician performs a hands-on examination of your vehicle's restraint system. It also incorporates an interview about your child's size and weight. If you already have a car seat installed, we'll review its current location and installation to ensure that everything is correct. We'll also check to ensure that there have been no safety recalls on your car seat.

Make an Appointment

This free service is available by appointment only and is available at each of our stations whenever technicians are on duty. Please call 618-692-7540 to make an appointment.

Recommended Website

For more information on car seat safety or to register or check for recalls on your car seat, visit National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Fire / Ambulance Report Requests

A request for a fire or ambulance report must be in writing. There is a $5 charge for copies of reports made by insurance companies, lawyers or investigation firms. Please make checks payable to “City of Edwardsville.” Homeowners can request a copy of their fire report at no charge but must show a valid driver’s license.

For an ambulance report and billing records you must provide us with a copy of the patient’s Authorization to Release Medical Records signed by the patient. All requests will be completed after the fee is received.

Review the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Billing Questions

Please call the administrative office at 618-692-7540 for all billing inquiries.