Buchanan Street

Project Information

  • South Buchanan Street Reconstruction (PDF)
  • Project Limits - East Vandalia Street/IL 143/IL 157 to MCT Trail (Near Market Basket)
  • Project Cost - $2.4 Million
  • Contractor - Baxmeyer Construction, Inc.
  • Estimated Completion Date - November 2017

Project Scope

This project includes the replacement of the Water Main, replacement of the Storm Sewer System, partial replacement of the Sanitary Sewer System, replacement of sidewalk, ramps, curbs, crosswalks, and pavement. The roadway layout and lane configuration will not change. Existing asphalt pavement will be replaced with concrete.

Project Completion to Date

The New Water Main has been installed and services are currently being switched over. Approximate cost for this portion was $350,000. New Storm Sewer has been installed from Park Street to Schwarz Street. Roadway, sidewalk, and driveway pavement have all been replaced between Vandalia and Schwarz. South of Schwarz Street, the southbound lane has been installed, sidewalk and driveways along the west side of Buchanan have been replaced, and the majority of storm sewer has been installed. Total Cost for this portion of the reconstruction is approximately $1,800,000.

Buchanan Street Work
Construction Vehicle on the Road

Status for April 16, 2017 - May 8, 2017

  • April 17, 2017 : Buchanan Street will be Closed to all traffic from Schwarz to the MCT Bike Trail. Wolf Street and Linden Street will be closed at Buchanan.
  • Buchanan Street from Schwarz to East Vandalia will remain open, as will Eastbound and Westbound Schwarz Street.
  • April 17 to May 8 : Baxmeyer will remove remaining pavement, sidewalk, and driveways, install all remaining storm sewer, install aggregate base, and place center and northbound lane of Buchanan.
  • Once all pavement has been placed, northbound and southbound traffic will be permitted to use Buchanan.

Buchanan / Schwarz Traffic Signal

During the closure, this signal will remain on Red Flash to aide in the construction traffic and prevent longer than expected wait times for the traveling public. Upon opening of the closed portion, the signal will be programmed with the typical red-yellow-green function.

Looking Forward

Upon the completion of the paving, Baxmeyer will work on completing sidewalk, driveway, and other miscellaneous work on the east side of the road. Several forms of electrical and traffic signal work may also occur.

Outside of the planned closure period, Construction operations may cease for significant periods of time based upon predicted and historical spring weather conditions. When weather conditions permit, the Contractor will continue to perform operations such sidewalks and electrical modifications.

Local Businesses are open within the Construction zone. Businesses located within a closed area may be accessed via their rear alleyway. Local Business Access signs are posted throughout the area to aide motorists in finding businesses.

The City would like to remind all residents and motorists to follow the marked detour routes. Northbound traffic should utilize Governors Parkway to Plum/South Main to Schwarz Street, and southbound traffic should utilize Schwarz Street to South Main/Plum to Governors Parkway. Avoiding closed roads by way of business lots is not allowed.

Any questions should be sent via email.

Paved Road
Buchanan Street Project Stages