Phase 3: R-3 and I-55 Corridor

City Council Approves New I-55 Development Code 

At their regular meeting on August 16, 2022, the Edwardsville City Council unanimously adopted the updated I-55 Development Code.  The Code in its entirety is available here

The primary change in the updated I-55 Development Code is the elimination bulk regulations (e.g. setbacks, building height) based on building type. Rather, bulk regulations are now are now based on zoning district. This will allow the subdivision of land to occur before the final end user is known—the standard development process. 

 Other code highlights include: 

  • Shared Parking – shared parking between uses with opposite peak hours, like residential and office uses. (p. 7)
  • Land Banked Future Parking – Up to 25% of the required parking may be land banked, meaning that it may remain greenspace reserved for future parking use, if needed. (p. 8)
  • Bicycle Parking – All developments are required to provide bicycle parking within 50 feet of the building entrance. (p. 8)
  • Parking Locations – In the Goshen Center District, parking is not permitted between the building and the street. In the Goshen Mixed Use District, one double-row of parking is permitted between the building and the street, and in the Goshen Commercial and Pin Oak Commercial Districts, there are no restrictions on parking between the building and the street. (p. 11, p. 15)
  • Goshen Center PUD – Development in the Goshen Center District must be in the form of a PUD with a minimum size of 15 acres.  This will result in a cohesive development. For reference, Trace on the Parkway is approximately 26 acres, including outlots. (p. 2)
  • Design Standards – In the Goshen Center District, design standards similar to those found in the B-1 Central Business District, are included. (p. 12)
  • Prioritize Connectivity with Shared Use Paths – For every street type except residential, a 10’ wide shared use path is required on both sides of the street. Residential street types are designed with 5’ sidewalks on each side. (p. 22-25)
  • Supplemental Regulations for Fuel Centers – Fuel Centers are heavily regulated so as not to allow truck stops.  Automobile repair functions are not permitted, nor are ancillary uses such as showers, barbers, laundry, etc. Additionally, fuel pumps must be setback 40 feet from residential property lines and overnight parking is not permitted. (p. 20)
  • Pedestrian Connections – Each cul-de-sac must have a pedestrian access easement of at least 10 feet in width to connect the transportation network opposite the cul-de-sac. (p. 21)
  • Zoning Districts/Map – Zoning Districts have been re-named. The Mixed Use Commercial District has been broken down into the Goshen Commercial and Pin Oak Commercial. The Town Center District has been broken down into Goshen Center and Goshen Mixed Use. The areas identified as Neighborhood Residential and Rural Residential have been combined into one Residential District, which permits single-family dwellings and townhomes. The footprint of this district is the same as the Neighborhood Residential and Rural Residential districts.  Multi-family uses are only permitted in the Goshen Center and Goshen Mixed Use Districts. (p. 2)


With the adoption of the new I-55 Development Code, the properties that fall within this corridor will need to be updated to match the newly named zoning districts. A map depicting the new district locations was provided within the revised City Code language approved by City Council in August 2022, and the Official Zoning Map will need to be updated to reflect this. The required rezoning will be part of a city-initiated rezoning request anticipated to appear before the Plan Commission at the scheduled meeting on April 5, 2023.

The following zoning districts no longer exist within City Code and are being removed from the Zoning Map:

  • TC Town Center (I-55 Corridor)
  • MUC Mixed Use Commercial (I-55 Corridor)
  • NR Neighborhood Residential (I-55 Corridor)

The following districts were approved in the 2022 I-55 Development Code revision and will now be added to the Zoning Map:

  • Goshen Center
  • Goshen Mixed Use
  • Goshen Commercial
  • Pin Oak Commercial
  • Residential

Materials for Review

Context Memo
I-55 Development Code
Official Zoning Map (2020)
Future Land Use Map
Comprehensive Plan