Phase 3: R-3 and I-55 Corridor

It is anticipated that the I-55 Corridor will experience considerable growth and development over the next several years and decades. As a result, the City has developed plans and policies to guide this future growth. The I-55 Development Code provides detailed form based and use elements to govern this area. However, recent development proposals have demonstrated a need to develop a more efficient and effective development process while meeting the established vision for the district. The workshops and meetings that will be held on the I-55 Corridor will inform this effort.  

Joint meeting of the  City Council and Plan Commission

On May 18, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. the City Council and the Plan Commission will hold a virtual joint workshop (via Zoom) facilitated by Teska Associates for the purpose of evaluating the current I-55 Development Code and discussing a more streamlined way of achieving the goals set forth in the Code. A Context Memo is available to review and should be used to "set the stage" for this meeting. 

Materials for Review

Context Memo
I-55 Development Code 
Official Zoning Map (2020) 
Future Land Use Map
Comprehensive Plan