2020 Census - You Count!

What is the 2020 Census?  

April 1, 2020 is Census Day! Results from the Census will impact the distribution of over $675 billion in federal funds that are distributed to states and communities each year for infrastructure, health care, and food assistance, and much, much more. In fact, every person counted in the Census translates to approximately $2,000 per person, per year, which funds schools, hospitals, social service programs, and local governments’ road maintenance programs. In addition to allocating critical funding, the results of the Census are used to determine how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives, and to redraw boundaries of state legislative districts.

Complete the Census online, by phone, or by mail and help make sure Edwardsville has an accurate count.  

How to take the Census.

This is the first year that the Census can be completed online. Beginning in mid-March, households in Edwardsville will receive a letter from the Census Bureau, providing a unique ID and asking residents to complete the Census online.  For residents with limited digital abilities, responding by phone will also be an option. If a household does not complete the Census by late April, Census enumerators will begin in-person follow up. Households that complete the Census online or by phone will not receive in-person follow up.

Remember, even though a household may respond before or after Census Day, the Census is a record of where people live on April 1. In other words, if you receive the Census invitation on March 15 but are planning to move on March 20, complete the Census for the address to which you are moving, not the address where you currently live.

Help Us Reach 100 (red)4

The map below shows 2010 Census response rates. Check back daily, beginning March 20, 2020, to view daily response rates and help Edwardsville achieve a 100% response rate. Encourage your neighbors to respond and help us reach 100! 

What questions will I be asked?

To view a list of Census questions, visit: https://2020census.gov/en/about-questions.html.

Census Employment.

The Census Bureau is recruiting to fill hundreds of thousands of temporary positions across the country to assist with the 2020 Census. CLICK HERE to learn more.  

Is Your Data Safe?

The Census is confidential. By federal law, the Census Bureau can only use responses to produce statistics and cannot be shared with immigration enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, or allow it to be used to determine eligibility for other government benefits.

Preventing Fraud.

Exclamation PointDue to digital and phone responses, fraud is a particular concern for the 2020 Census. Official mail from the Census Bureau will be postmarked from Jeffersonville, Indiana, the National Census Processing Center. The Census Bureau will only contact households via mail or in-person. The Census will not send email and will not contact households by phone. Further, households will not be asked for social security numbers, banking information, donations, or political party affiliation. Any Census worker visiting your home will carry a valid ID including their name, photograph, and a watermark, indicating that they work for the Department of Commerce.

How to Get Involved.

For more local resources, visit Madison County Community Development and EdGlen Chamber of Commerce. To find out how you can be involved, contact Caleb Miller, Planner, at (618) 692-7535 or cmiller@cityofedwardsville.com

For more information about the 2020 Census, visit https://2020census.gov/