Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program

Updates for 2023

Edwardsville's Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program was approved by voters in 2012 in a ballot initiative. Illinois law allows municipalities, counties and townships (with voter approval) to act on the behalf of residential and some small-business customers of electric utilities to arrange for the purchase of electricity supply. 

Municipal Electrical Aggregation Programs allow participating municipalities to work with an energy consultant to seek bids from "alternative retail electricity suppliers." Aggregating, or grouping, municipalities together leverages a large number of electric customers to seek savings via a fixed rate for the length of the contract period, typically up to 24 months. During that contract, your rate per kilowatt hour won't change, protecting you from rate hikes.

For the period beginning in February 2023, the City and about 30 other participating municipalities contracted with Constellation NewEnergy, which was the sole bidder in this municipal electrical aggregation process.

Constellation NewEnergy will be the electricity supplier, but Ameren will continue to service customers' accounts, distributing the electricity, providing bills, offering budget billing and ensuring power remains up and running. (The Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program does NOT apply to electric utility co-op customers.)

Customers can opt out of this program by mail, phone or online at any time. However, by state law, anyone who opts out of a Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program cannot return to it for 12 months.  

With the impending start of the new contract, everyone who is eligible for the program should receive a letter from Constellation NewEnergy - either an "opt-out" letter or an "opt-in" letter (for those who opted out of Municipal Electrical Aggregation more than 12 months ago).

For more information about Constellation NewEnergy or to opt out, please visit:

Please visit our FAQs, above, for additional information about the Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program.

Additional information also is available from our aggregation consultant, Good Energy LP, at: