TheCenter FAQs

Q. Is there certainty that this complex will be built?

A. Major funding has been assured through grants and private donations. However, additional funding from the participating communities, donations and sponsorships must still be approved and received before TheCenter is a finalized build.

Q. Is it feasible to raise the money for this project in the time frame?

A. Yes. Between the aggressive fundraising campaign and the generosity of the community, organizers are confident the goal can be reached.

Q. Will TheCENTER be open to other communities?

A. The details of membership are still being worked out and will be determined once commitments are made from the various funding sources. The use and fee schedules of the facility will be determined by the complex management.

Q. Who will manage TheCENTER?

A. The City of Edwardsville will manage operations and offer other park programs at the facility.

Q. Will this project cause my property taxes to go up?

A. No! As with the other two A Better Place to Play developments, TheCENTER is relying on grants, donations, and tax dollars from new growth.

Q. Why is TheCENTER located on District #7 grounds and what tax implications does that cause?

A. TheCENTER will be a regional facility that benefit the residents of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Edwardsville Township, and the entire county. Students will have easy access for physical education or after school studying. The location off Governor’s Parkway will provide quick access to the MCT bike trail system. The ground was provided for a $1/year for 25 year lease.

Q. What is the economical impact of this project on local businesses?

A. TheCENTER will bring people from other communities that will be eating in our restaurants, shopping at our stores and staying overnight at our hotels. One weekend tournament can generate over $60,000 in direct local business impact.