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Annual Green Thumb Nomination Form

  1. Annual Green Thumb Award
    The Annual Green Thumb Award has been created to honor residents who beautify Edwardsville with their landscaping, flowers, and edible gardening efforts.
  2. It's time to look around your neighborhood and our City. Residential, commercial, and public beautification settings will be recognized. Enjoy and appreciate the landscaping/gardening projects you have admired in our City, and nominate those properties for a Green Thumb Award. The award program is an easy and fun way to demonstrate neighborhood and civic pride.
  3. Anyone maintaining property within Edwardsville City limits is eligible for an award. Nominations may be submitted by anyone regardless of their residency. Self-applications are encouraged. Members of the Beautification and Tree Commission and Green Thumb Award Committee are not eligible. The Green Thumb Award Committee will take into consideration the character of the nomination submitted (i.e. a homeowner maintained garden, a professionally designed and maintained garden, a volunteer maintained garden, etc.)
  4. It is recommended that nominations be submitted while the landscaping/garden is at its peak as the Green Thumb Committee will visit the site and take official photographs at that time.
  5. Nominations may be submitted online before June 5, 2021.
  6. Green Thumb Award Nomination Form
    Green Thumb Awards will be presented to Edwardsville residents who have enhanced the beauty of Edwardsville property thus making the community a more attractive place to live and work. The Green Thumb Committee will accept and review the nominations. Property nominated must be within Edwardsville City limits. Native plants are encouraged.
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