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The City of Edwardsville would like to thank you for your interest in one of our upcoming projects. 

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City of Edwardsville 

Sealed proposals for the 2021 MFT Sidewalk Contract will be received at the office of the City Clerk, 118 Hillsboro Avenue, Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 until 2:00 P.M. prevailing time on Thursday, October 21, 2021. Proposals will be opened and read publicly at 2:00 P.M., prevailing time on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at the Office of the City Clerk. 

Proposed improvements consist of removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, gutter, sidewalk ramps, and all related work in accordance with the plans and specifications. 

Plans and proposal forms will be available online by visiting the City of Edwardsville website at 

Prequalification by the Illinois Department of Transportation is required. 

The contractor shall not pay less than the prevailing rates of wages to all laborers, workmen and mechanics performing work under this contract, and shall comply with the requirements of the Illinois Wages of Employees on Public Works Act (820 ILSC 130/1-12). 

The City of Edwardsville reserves the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all proposals. 

By order of: Michelle Boyer, City Clerk

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There is currently 1 open Request for Qualifications project(s).

Housing Study - Submission Deadline 10/29/2021 at 5:00 PM

The City seeks a qualified consultant to complete a housing needs assessment and affordable housing strategy.

The City anticipates that the scope of work will include the following:

a. Housing Needs Assessment.   The consultant shall determine the housing market area, and specifically

evaluate Edwardsville’s share of the market area with respect to housing needs at varying price points

and with varying tenures.   

i. A report of existing conditions shall be included and should address topics such as population,

employment statistics, income statistics, geographic conditions such as concentrated areas of

poverty, etc.

ii. A report of housing characteristics such as ownership, type and age of dwellings, availability

of affordable and subsidized housing, as well as renter and owner occupied housing.

iii. A demand analysis, assessing the needs of housing and various price points based on the

housing market and labor market. The analysis should also include the demand for both

owner and renter occupied housing.  

b. Housing Strategy.

i. Develop realistic goals for the City of Edwardsville related to types, prices, condition, and

location of housing.

ii. Develop strategies to achieve stated goals, including:

  • Type and price point of housing as well as methods of achieving this housing
  • Recommendations on housing maintenance programs aimed at the City’s older

housing stock

  • Recommendations of programs that could be implemented to further the stated


c. Public Engagement. A vital component to this project will be public outreach. While the City envisions

the primary type of public outreach to be focus groups, other types of outreach may also be beneficial.

The City and the Consultant will work together to formulate an appropriate method(s) of engaging

residents so that data points can be gathered, documented, and used to complete both the

assessment and strategy.

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