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Rental Property Registration E-Payment

  1. Type of Registration*
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  4. Rental Registration and Inspection Fees
    Anyone who maintains or operates a residential rental property in the City limits of Edwardsville must first register their property with the Finance Department by January 1st of each year. This requirement applies to all residential rental categories, including single-family homes, duplexes and apartment complexes. The annual fee is based on the total number of residential rental units on a property: Annual Fee: Single Family / Mobile Home Per Unit - $40.00; Duplexes Per Building - $60.00; Multi-Family (3+ Units) Per Unit - $25.00; Late Registration Fee Per Unit - $75.00 (received after January 31st of calendar year); Initial Inspection - Free; 1st Re-Inspection - Free; Subsequent Re-Inspection (s) - $75.00.
  5. (If more than two (2) tenants, please provide separate attachment of tenant names, phone numbers and e-mails.)
  6. Terms of Rental Registration Program*

    By signing this form the Owner and Local Agent (if applicable) agree to comply with the following terms. Failure to adhere to these terms and others outlined in the adopting Ordinance may result in violation of the Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance. 

    • No owner shall be allowed to register any property if the owner has outstanding fees/fines due to the city.
    • Any changes occurring in ownership of a rental unit shall require a deregistration to adjust our records.
    • Rental properties shall be registered within 30 days of taking ownership. 
    • No rental unit can be rented or leased or offered for rent or lease in a manner which would result in violation of the occupancy limit permitted by the City of Edwardsville Zoning Ordinance.
    • Interior and exterior of each rental property shall be periodically inspected by the city under provisions established by the adopting Ordinance. Inspections shall be requested prior to occupancy.
    • The owner acknowledges responsibility to provide and install properly working smoke detectors in each sleeping room, within 15 foot of each sleeping room, and on each level of the unit. Carbon monoxide detectors shall be located within 15 foot of each sleeping room and on each level of the unit. 
    • ***Multifamily buildings that have a sprinkler system - annual inspection reports must be submitted.
    • I have reviewed the Inspection Checklist on the City’s website at and will ensure my unit(s) meet the requirements.  
    • City Utility Bills: Section 118-98(a) of the City’s Codified Ordinances states that the occupant shall be primarily responsible for payment for utility service (water, sewer, and trash) at such premises; however, the owner of the premises shall be responsible for payment for the service if the occupant fails to pay. 
  7. Single Family / Mobile Home
    Single Family / Mobile Home
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  10. Duplexes
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  16. Late Registration
    Late Registration
  17. $75.00 Per Unit.
  18. Late Registration
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