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  1. BASSET Class Cancellation

    Form used to cancel BASSET class.

  2. City Of Edwardsville "Block Party" Application

    The Edwardsville Police “BLOCK PARTY” (EVENT) application used per City Code Chapter 114-113 for Neighborhood Social Activities Only.... More…

  3. Police Candidate Interest Form

    Form completed by subjects interested in applying for police officer.

  4. Private Video Surveillance Registration Program

    The Edwardsville Police Department would like the public's help in fighting crime by taking part in a voluntary Private Video... More…

  1. BASSET Class Registration Form

    Form used to sign up for BASSET class.

  2. HOA Contact Information Form

    This form is used to provide the Edwardsville Police Department with Home Owners Association contact data.

  3. Private Video Surveillance Registration Cancelation Form

    Please utilize this form in the event that you would like to have your video system removed from the Edwardsville Police Department's... More…

  4. Vacation Extra Patrol Request

    Complete this form for vacation extra patrol requests.