School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) concept is the placement of an experienced law enforcement professional in a High School or Middle School with the goal of creating and maintaining safe, secure, orderly learning environments for students, faculty and staff. With this type of program, the officer represents more than a "cop in a shop." The SRO program reflects the community's desire to ensure that our schools are safe, secure, and orderly.

School Resource Officer Logo


The SRO should be looked at as a resource to which the school community can turn. As such, the SRO fulfills three roles by using the TRIAD approach. The officer acts as law enforcement officer, a law related counselor, and a law related teacher. As a law enforcement officer, the primary purpose is to “keep the peace.” As a law related counselor, the officer provides resource guidance to students, parents, teachers, and staff, and acts as a link to support services both inside and outside the school. 

As a law related presenter, the officer will share special law enforcement expertise by presentations in the classroom to promote a better understanding of our laws. Furthermore, the SRO also serves as a positive role model for the students on campus during school hours and off campus at extracurricular activities.


The Edwardsville Police Department School Resource Officer Program was initiated in July of 1995. 


Currently Sgt. Matt Breihan coordinates the School Resource Officer Program which consists of four other officers. 

Officers Barb Frolik and Joy Davis also serve as instructors for D.A.R.E classes in both of the Middle Schools. This program serves the school district and a total enrollment of approximately 4,500 students on a full time basis.

  1. Matt Breihan

    SRO Program Coordinator 

  2. Rick Thompson


    Assigned to Edwardsville High School

  3. Joy Davis

    Assigned to Liberty Middle School

  4. Barb Frolik

    Assigned to Lincoln Middle School

  5. John Arendell


    Assigned to EHS South