Police Forms

Private Video Surveillance Registration Program

The Edwardsville Police Department would like the public's help in fighting crime by taking part in a voluntary Private Video Registration System. This program allows residents and businesses to register the locations of their outdoor video surveillance systems with EPD. When a crime occurs, police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras and enlist the assistance of the community to help officers collect video evidence and follow up on leads. To register your cameras, click here.

 To remove your registration, click here.

Home Owners Association Contact Form

The Edwardsville Police Department would like to collect current contact information from HOA's within the City of Edwardsville to assist in communication.  To complete the online form, click here.

Block Party Application

The block party application is required by parties that wish to have an event involving their neighborhood. To complete the online form, click here.

Vacation Extra Patrol Request

Citizens can request officers check on their home while they're on vacation using this form. 

To complete the form online click here..

If you wish to print and bring in the form you can find it here.