Engineering Division

The Engineering Division develops construction and service contracts, performs building inspections, and provides code enforcement inspections. We manage the preparation of plans and specifications, and the contracting of major projects for the Capital Improvement Program and Motor Fuel Tax Program.

Additionally, we design and inspect many maintenance and repair projects associated with our water distribution system and sewage collection system. We are also responsible for coordinating highway construction and repair projects funded and completed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Madison County Highway Department.

Building Permits

There are many occasions for which you need to obtain a building permit. Generally, you need a building permit anytime you are remodeling existing buildings (commercial or residential) and/or constructing new buildings. Particularly when your remodeling involves additions, the relocation of walls, the installation of plumbing fixtures, and/or the upgrading of electrical wiring or lighting systems. The permit packet contains detailed information regarding Code requirements, plan review, and inspection scheduling. Permit packets can be obtained at our Public Works Department located at 200 East Park Street.

Building Inspections & Code Enforcement

The City adopted building codes, property maintenance codes, and other standards for building and development in order to protect the public safety, the welfare of the community, and to sustain long-term investment in the community by property owners and businesses. It is through the enforcement of these codes and standards that we ensure quality development and construction.