Fees, Insurance & Penalties

Registration Fee Structure

Structure Type
Initial (6) six-months of registration$25
Renewal after the initial (6) six-month registration to apply for an additional (6) six-month registration for an aggregated total of (12) twelve-months.$25
Renewal after the initial (6) six-month registration to apply for (3) three consecutive (6) six-month periods for an aggregated total of (24) twenty-four months as approved by the City.$75


  1. Within thirty (30) days of a structure becoming vacant, as defined in Section 18-453 of the City Ordinance, the owner of the structure shall apply for a Vacant Structure Registration Certificate and pay a Registration fee of $25.00.
  2. If the structure is still vacant at the time of expiration of the original Vacant Structure Registration Certificate, the owner shall apply to renew the certificate.
  3. At the City’s sole discretion, renewal may be had upon demonstrated need for a maximum of (3) three (six) 6-month periods, for an aggregate maximum of (24) twenty four months total vacancy registration.
  4. Renewed permits shall be subject to all conditions and obligations imposed by this article on the initial certificate, including the payment of a $25.00 fee at each renewal. It shall be the responsibility of the registered owner to file an amended registration within ten (10) days of any changes contained in the initial application, including occupancy or transfer.

Required Liability Insurance

It shall be the responsibility of the owner or owner’s agent to maintain liability insurance on all vacant and registered properties under their control. Proof of evidence of such insurance shall be filed with the City.

Structure TypeFee
Residential properties of one or two units$250,000
Residential Properties of three or more units$500,000
Commercial, manufacturing, storage or any nonresidential property$1,000,000

Enforcement & Penalties

Any person found to be in violation of any provision of this article shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $750. Each day that said violation continues shall be considered a new and separate violation. Prosecution under this section is a remedy cumulative to any and all other remedies at law and equity, including but not limited to the City’s remedies under the Illinois Municipal Code. Municipal Court Information


All fees, costs or charges assessed or incurred by the City pursuant to this article shall be a lien upon the real property. The lien shall be superior to all subsequent liens and encumbrances. The City Attorney shall file a notice of lien, within two (2) years after such cost and expense is incurred, in the office of the Madison County Recorder of Deeds. The lien may be enforced by proceeding to foreclose, as in case of mortgages or mechanic’s liens.

Time Frame

Unless otherwise granted a waiver as provided herein, at the expiration of twenty four (24) months from the original issuance of the Vacant Structure Registration Certificate, the structure must be reoccupied, removed or demolished. Any structure which is vacant beyond the twenty four (24) month maximum registration period shall be considered abandoned and a public nuisance and the City may pursue whatever legal action is afforded to it by law for the removal and/or abatement of public nuisance.