Spotlight Edwardsville

Mayor Art Risavy appreciates and values the various people, places and entities that make Edwardsville the vibrant community it is today. In an effort to showcase our local businesses, organizations, volunteer groups and other entities throughout Edwardsville, he is seeking community input for a series of Spotlight Edwardsville short videos.   

The Spotlight Edwardsville videos can be viewed here and on the City's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. A short video will be posted on Facebook and Instagram along with a link to learn more about the featured Edwardsville group.

If you would like to nominate a local business, organization, volunteer group or other entity to be featured in Spotlight Edwardsville, please fill out this form.  Nominees will be randomly selected to appear in an episode of Spotlight Edwardsville.  

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Spotlight - Chef's Shoppe 

Spotlight Edwardsville kicked off the series with a visit to the Chef's Shoppe. For over 20 years, Chef’s Shoppe has been bringing fun, flavor and quality into your kitchens. They believe that preparing a delicious meal can be easy and enjoyable with the right tools, that the kitchen is a creative space to make memories with friends and family, and that the dinner table can reflect your unique style and sensibility. To learn more about them, please visit

Spotlight -  222 Artisan Bakery

Our second installment of Spotlight Edwardsville is on 222 Artisan Bakery. The Mayor and crew spent some time learning about 222's behind-the-counter processes including their craft of making amazing pizzas, bagels, and mouthwatering pastries. Co-owners Kimberli Goodner and Trevor Taynor shared their story about this downtown Edwardsville bakery. To learn more, visit

Spotlight - Bagley Farms Meat Market

Our third video in our Spotlight Edwardsville series tells the story of Bagley Farms Meat Market. They are fifth generation farmers from Shipman, Illinois, just 25 miles north of Edwardsville. For more info on Bagley Farms Meat Market, please visit

Spotlight - The Cyclery and Fitness Center

Our fourth video in our Spotlight Edwardsville series tells the story of The Cyclery. They have been doing their part to keep people active and moving for many years here in Edwardsville.  For more on The Cyclery and Fitness Center:

Spotlight - Whisker Bones Supply Co.

Here is the next installment of our Spotlight Edwardsville series. Whisker Bones Supply Co. is a veteran- and family-owned business geared toward pet owners here in Edwardsville.

Spotlight - Land of Goshen Community Market

In 1977, the Goshen Market blossomed out of the idea that all of Edwardsville could benefit from the addition of a farmers market. For more details on the market, please visit

Spotlight - Collins Farms

In the latest Spotlight video, Mayor Art Risavy visits the restaurant Collins Farms, run by co-owners and sisters Sophie and Annie Gianaris. To learn more about Collins Farms, check out their website:

Spotlight - Edwardsville Public Library

Mayor Art Risavy visits the Edwardsville Public Library in this edition of Spotlight to learn about the many ways this institution serves the public. Director Jill Schardt talks about the library's mission and what's new in the wake of a remodeling project at the library in 2022. Visit the library's website here:

Spotlight - GC Cuisine and Crystal Garden Banquet and Event Center

GC Cuisine and Crystal Garden Banquet and Event Center offers four venues in one location, including a cafe with a menu that changes daily. Owners Bill and Karol Hatton show Mayor Art Risavy what they do at the facility and share their vision for how events and cuisine should be done. Learn more at the facility's website:

Spotlight - Restore Decor

In this April 2023 installment of our Spotlight Edwardsville series, Mayor Art Risavy got a behind-the-scenes look at Restore Decor and the volunteer-fueled help this organization delivers to those in need. You can learn more about Restore Decor, including how to lend a hand, by visiting:

Spotlight - RunWell

In this July 2023 installment of our Spotlight Edwardsville series, Mayor Art Risavy catches up with the owner of RunWell to see the many ways this downtown shop serves runners, walkers and more. You can learn more about RunWell by visiting:

Spotlight - Glen-Ed Pantry

In this September 2023 segment in the Spotlight Edwardsville series, Mayor Art Risavy visits Glen-Ed Pantry to highlight the helping hand this organization has provided to the communities in Edwardsville School District 7 for more than 40 years. For more on the Glen-Ed Pantry, visit:

Spotlight - Pantera's Pizza

In this November 2023 segment in the Spotlight Edwardsville series, Mayor Art Risavy goes into the kitchen at Pantera's Pizza to learn the story of this long-running restaurant in Edwardsville. For more on Pantera's Pizza, visit the eatery's Facebook page.