Traffic Crash Reports

The Edwardsville Police Department maintains an agreement with IyeTek, a product of LexisNexis, to place traffic crash reports on a secured internet access site. The LexisNexis Accident Report Retrieval Service was selected to assist us in providing operators, owners, and insurance companies in the acquisition of traffic crash reports without the time constraints of picking up the reports at the police department or by requesting them in the U.S Mail.

About IyeTek

IyeTek is a secured Internet based application that was developed to help law enforcement agencies and insurance companies manage and access traffic crash reports in a more efficient manner. By utilizing online document management technology, you are now able to rapidly find and view a crash report usually within 24 hours of being reported to the police department and scanned into the records database.


The Edwardsville Police Department files nearly 1,100 traffic crash reports yearly. Normally each crash report is requested two to four times; this creates a workload of copying over 4000 crash reports each year. In order to reduce this workload and provide a convenient quick access point for the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this internet based application was selected.

While reports are still available at the police department, many individuals and insurance companies have requested this additional convenience and we are happy to make this service available.

Report Availability

All persons involved in traffic crashes this year will be able to obtain a copy of their crash report for a fee online or print out a Driver Information Exchange Form for free.

Those persons who wish to obtain a report in person are able to do so by coming to the police department three business days after the crash occurred.