Field Operations

The Field Operations Division consists of the Sewer, Street, Water, and Vehicle Maintenance Sections. We maintain and repair the City’s sanitary sewers, storm sewers, streets, alleys, sidewalks, water distribution system, and Public Works vehicles and equipment.


Our sanitary sewer collection system consists of approximately 100 miles of sewer mains of various sizes. We utilize a robotic camera to televise and inspect mains and a sewer vacuum truck to clean the mains.

Street Division

The Street Division is responsible for maintaining the City's right-of-way infrastructure. We have over 120 miles of streets and alleys to maintain.

Water Division

We maintain and repair the City’s 130-mile water distribution system - providing water service to our 9,000-plus customers. Our staff installs water services to new homes and each year we replace approximately 100 water meters to ensure accuracy for billing.

Utility Services

New customers moving into the City must sign up for water, sewer and trash service at the Finance Office by calling 618-692-7500 or by using our online form.

  • The City bills for these services bimonthly.
  • To activate E-Billing please click here
  • Current Water/Sewer Rates and Water/Sewer Tap-on Fees can be obtained by calling the Public Works Office at 618-692-7535.

City Ordinance (Water)