Memorial Bench & Tree Program

Memorial Bench Program

Would you like to dedicate a bench to a friend or loved one? Contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 618-692-7538 to reserve your bench today!

Two memorial benches on a cement pad

Memorial Tree Program

The Parks and Recreation Department receives numerous requests each year, from individuals, families, co-workers and friends, wishing to donate a tree in memory of a loved one who has passed on, or simply in honor of a friend or family member's birthday. Many feel the planting of a tree in one of our City's parks will act as a living memory of that special individual or memorable event that meant so much to us.

Memorial tree with Sign - In honor of the marriage of Brenda Fay and Jeff Glik July 9, 1988

Provisions to Note

The Parks and Recreation Department has a Memorial Tree Program that allows the purchase and planting of a tree in one of our beautiful park settings. Of course certain guidelines and procedures must be followed in order to place the most desirable trees in the proper locations. Some of the basic things to remember if you would like to take advantage of our memorial tree program are listed:

  1. In order to ensure that your tree has a good chance or survival, we ask that trees be no smaller than one inch caliper size at the middle of the tree trunk. This helps prevent the tree from being snapped off, either accidentally or intentionally.
  2. The type of tree to be donated must be approved by the department. A large variety are allowed, but many trees are not suited for "life in the park." A tree that may do really well in your own yard, may not survive in a park setting.
  3. The location that you may wish to plant a tree must also be approved by the department. This is important not only for the survival of the tree, but also relates to the practicality of mowing patterns, line of sight obstruction, and aesthetics.
  4. It is best if you allow the parks department to select and plant the tree you may wish to donate, but if there are special circumstances, i.e. boy scout project, family gathering, etc., the department will consider allowing you to plant a tree with staff supervision.


Depending on the types of tree you may wish to plant, the cost for a 1.5 to 2 inch diameter tree ranges from $175 to $225. We do not charge to plant the tree. Many times people wish to place a plaque at the base of the tree to recognize the person for whom the tree is planted, or from whom the tree is donated, along with important dates.

For an additional charge, (depending on the size requested) we can order a bronze or cast aluminum plaque to be placed in concrete or stone at the base of the tree. If you wish to participate in the Memorial Tree Program, please contact the parks department at 618-692-7538.