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City Clerk

  1. Business Registration - First-Time Business Registration
  2. CityOfEdwardsvilleUtilityDept-TEST

    CityOfEdwardsvilleUtilityDept-TEST Merchant Account 650000010253154

  3. FOIA Request Form
  4. Water, Sewer, & Trash Application

    I (We) the undersigned, hereby make an application to the City of Edwardsville ''City'' for water service, sewer service, and trash... More…

  1. Business Registration - Renewing Business
  2. cp test
  3. Rental Property Registration E-Payment

IT and Communication(public)

  1. Basic Technology HelpDesk Request

    Basic Technology HelpDesk request for desktop and network assistance.

  1. Zoom Meeting Request

    Zoom request form for city staff

Parks & Recreation



  2. Route 66 Festival 2021 - Public Survey

    Any event is a learning process with the goal of bringing fun to the community and also learning so that the next event can be even... More…

  3. Sports Free Agent Application

    If you are looking for an adult league team, we will try to help you find one. Fill out this form and we will let people know you are... More…



  2. Route 66 Festival Vendor Survey

    The Route 66 Festival is over but we aren't finished with it. As we close out the festival file, we are still wanting to learn form... More…

Planning and Zoning

  1. Keep in Touch

    Are you interested in being a part of the Conversation about Affordable Housing? If so, please leave your name and email address and... More…

  1. Share a Story

    Do you have a personal experience about affordable housing that you'd like to share? Please submit it below. All data collected will... More…


  1. HOA Contact Information Form

    This form is used to provide the Edwardsville Police Department with Home Owners Association contact data.

  2. Private Video Surveillance Registration Program

    The Edwardsville Police Department would like the public's help in fighting crime by taking part in a voluntary Private Video... More…

  1. Private Video Surveillance Registration Cancelation Form

    Please utilize this form in the event that you would like to have your video system removed from the Edwardsville Police Department's... More…

Public Works

  1. Cross Connection Control Survey
  2. Vacant Structure Registration Certificate ePayment

    Ordinance establishing regulations governing the registration, maintenance, security, and monitoring of vacant structures and... More…

  1. Large Trash Pick-Up

    City of Edwardsville residents now have the flexibility to schedule up to four household large item pickups per calendar year at no... More…