Schedule of Fees

Photocopy Service

Information Fee
Accident report - per report
Accident reports (when expert scene reconstruction data is included)
Incident Reports
Freedom of Information Applications (Charges shall be consistent with that set by law.  However an FOIA application must be filed) $0.15 per page after the first 50 pages

Miscellaneous Fees

Finger Print Service
Record / Background checks (clearance letters)
Record Checks (Basic) - Person right to access and review
Record Checks (Basic) - Local files, only (traffic / criminal)

Solicitor Permits

License Fee
Transient Merchant (retail sale of tangible property) 7 day license $50
Residential Solicitation - Door to door (per person) 90 day license $50

Fines & Fees

Personal (first party) checks, money orders, cash and credit/debit cards are acceptable forms of payment provided proper identification is offered when necessary.
Parking Tickets (judge may increase fine after court date) $15
Animal Reclamation Fee $25