Human Relations Committee

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  • Dave Boyer
  • Anya Covington, Chair
  • Yolanda Crochrell, Vice Chair
  • Violet Evans
  • Shannon O’Brien
  • John Harvey
  • Karyle Penelton
  • Brian Pezza
  • Tabitha Crow

Staff Liaison

  • Amanda Tucker, Director of Human Resources



The City of Edwardsville hereby determines that prejudice and the practice of discrimination against any individual or group because of race, color, creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, transgender status, age, religion, disability, marital status, familial status, or veterans' status, disrupts the peace and public welfare. In order to eliminate such prejudice and discrimination a process should be established through which the residents of the city may be kept informed of developments in human relations, the officers and departments of the city may obtain advice and assistance in proper practices to keep peace and good order, and private persons and groups are officially encouraged to promote tolerance and good will toward all people. 

Duties and Functions

  • To cooperate with the mayor, council and departments, agencies and officials of the city to promote and develop respect for equal rights. 
  • To promote equal treatment for all persons concerning public accommodations and facilities. 
  • To promote equal housing opportunities in the city. 
  • To maintain equality of opportunity for employment and advancement in the city. 
  • To create and maintain a repository of information suitable for use in the prevention of discrimination and promotion of equal treatment. 
  • To recommend to the mayor and council ordinances and resolutions which promote equal treatment and prevent discrimination. 
  • To commend institutions, organizations, groups, societies, businesses, etc., for successes in the area of human relations. 
  • To develop and maintain a list of human rights specialists who would be available to assist the community in the event of a human relations problem.
  • To provide oversight to the City in the event of complaints or violations to this chapter. 
  • To disseminate public information on methods of preventing human relations problems.