Online Utilities Payments

Provide Your Information

The City Clerk’s office must have your current email address before the website will allow you to pay on line. Please contact the Clerk’s office 618-692-7500 if you are experiencing any problems.

Rates & Bill Payments

The City bills for water, sewer and trash services bimonthly.

The Sewer Use Charge is $20.08 every 2 months for both in city and out of city, The trash rate is $37.38 every 2 months, the water per 1,000 gallons is $8.18 in city and $9.33 out of city, sewer is $7.69 in city and $9.44 out of city.

The City accepts checks, credit card, money orders, cash or you may elect to have your bill automatically deducted from your checking account on the due date by completing the ACH Debit form (PDF) and returning it to our office. You may also pay online.

This process allows you to avoid any late penalties should the postal service deliver your payment subsequent to the due date. In addition, there is a night deposit drop on the east side of the City Hall building to accept payments during non-business hours at:
118 Hillsboro Avenue
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Ambulance Service

Payments for ambulance service can be made in person at the City Clerk's office using checks, money orders, or cash. You may also contact the City Clerk's office by telephone at 618-692-7500 to make a payment.